Cold appetisers

75 g            Goose-liver pâté with cranberry sauce and mixed salad, toast                   78 CZK

75 g            Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, fresh bread                                65 CZK

80 g            Selection of local organic cheeses (Belina organic farm), fresh bread     99 CZK


0,33 l         Beef soup with home-made noodles                                                                       39 CZK

0,33 l         Soup of the day                                                                                                                39 CZK

Warm appetisers

75 g           Chopped chicken liver roasted with red wine and almonds,                        78 CZK

/garlic toast/

75 g            Local goat cheese toasted atop rucola salad,                                                     99 CZK

/garlic baguette/


250 g          Fresh trout grilled with herb butter                                                                    145 CZK

10 g           Payment for extra weight                                                                                            10 CZK


150 g          Chicken breast stuffed with dried cherry tomatoes                                   138 CZK

150 g          Chicken chilli                                                                                                               129 CZK

200 g         Turkey breast stuffed with grilled paprika and bacon                              165 CZK

Children’s offers

100 g          Chicken cutlets, boiled potatoes, strawberry compote                              84 CZK

100 g          Breaded chicken steak, mashed potatoes, peach compote                      88 CZK

75 g            Fried cheese, chips, tartar sauce or ketchup                                                   88 CZK

Specialties of the Chef

150 g           Beef sirloin ‘à la Stroganoff’                                                                                   189 CZK

300 g          ‘Premonstrate Skewer’                                                                                             245 CZK

(beef sirloin, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, smoked sausage, bacon, onion, paprika)

150 g           Pork cutlets in pepper coating                                                                             165 CZK

(pork sirloin, four-coloured pepper, garlic)

200 g         Variation of meats with pan-fried vegetables and mushrooms              289 CZK