Excursions in the vicinity  |  Cycling  |  Spas

The Teplá Monastery lies in one of the most beautiful areas of the Czech Republic. Inside the historic ‘Spa Triangle’, amid the Slavkov Forest nature reserve, the visitor is greeted with striking views of still-untouched nature. A great many marked cycling trails and paths run through the vicinity, with indicated resting points and information placards. With a wide variation of cycling terrain, the trails offer choices for beginning cyclists and families with small children up to highly trained athletes. Many cycling routes are also suitable for pro in-line skating.

Directly in front of the monastery is a trail marker for several cycling routes:

No. 361 through Ovesné Kladruby to Mariánské Lázně

No. 362 to Bečov nad Teplou for the Reliquary of St Maur

No. 352 to Úterý – a picturesque and historic town, with a detour to the Reitenberger mineral spring

No. 2212 to Černosín, Svojšín

No. 2233 to the Trappist monastery in Nový Dvůr, and the fork for Toužim – Manětín