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A pearl of the Bohemian Baroque, the chateau was a centre of artistic creation under the ownership of Václav Josef Lažanský, and after his death in 1715 his wife and their son Maxmilián Václav. Artists working for the family included the painters Petr Brandl and F. K. Bentum, along with J. F. Händl, sculptors Š. Borovec and J. J. Herscher, and architects J. B. Santini, and J. J. Hess from the Tyrol.

Bečov nad Teplou

The most valuable historical and artistic monument in Bečov is the extensive complex of the castle and chateau, forming a striking landmark to the entire town. The main exhibit and attraction in the chateau is the unique reliquary of St. Maur from the 12th century, an unparalleled Romanesque artefact of worldwide fame.

Loket nad Ohří

Dominating the town is the Romanesque-Gothic castle from the mid-12th century. In addition to the historic houses on the main square and the castle itself, the medieval appearance of the town is strengthened by the massive fortifications that still surround it.


Rebuilt in 1856-58 in a romantic English Gothic style, the recently restored chateau has an exhibition devoted to author Karel Čapek and a micro-brewery with the artisanal beer Prokop.